Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop?

No.  Carrie's Party Cakes is a home based bakery, and everything made here is made to order.

How far in advance do I need to order?

As I can only fit so much in a week I recommend booking as far ahead as you can. I normally suggest about 6 weeks. Dates can be booked in without knowing exactly what you want, so if you know the date of the party, but have no idea what your child is going to be into in 6 months, you can still guarantee your space. It's always worth checking if you've left it a bit late though as I may be able to squeeze you in.

When ordering your wedding cake I suggest you book in your date as soon as you have a venue booked. Particularly if you are hoping to be married during 2021, as many weddings have been postponed over the corona pandemic and so there will be a surge of new bookings, reducing availability.


Do you need to leave a deposit when ordering?

Yes.  All orders will need to leave a deposit to hold the date.  The deposit amount is dependant on the size of the order, and in most cases are non refundable and non transferable. The deposit you leave will come off the final balance, and all balances must be paid before the cake leaves my care. If the order was placed last minute the full balance may be requested when the order is placed. Please read through my terms and conditions for all details regarding deposits. 

Do you cater for allergies?

I can bake cakes using certain alternative ingredients such as gluten free flour, and will try my best to reduce cross contamination, but there is a risk that traces may still find their way into your cake, as such if you have a severe allergy, I wouldn't suggest my services.

I'm afraid I cannot offer dairy free.

Can you offer nut free?

I'm afraid not.  Almost all my cakes are made without nuts in the recipe, however they are made in a kitchen where nuts are present, so traces may be in all my products.

Do you deliver?

In some cases I am able to deliver for a small fee. However, most of my orders are arranged for collection only. Wedding cakes are the exception to this.

What about the coronavirus?

The good news is that I am open! However there are a few new precautions in place to protect both you and me.  Where possible I am asking all payments to be done via bank transfer, and all deliveries and collections will be done adhering to social distancing regulations.

If you have an order placed for an event, and you aren't sure if it is still going to go ahead, have a look at the last big section in my terms and conditions tab for what happens now. Please do get in touch as soon as you can if your aren't sure so that we can come up with an action plan.