How Much Will Your Cake Cost?

The cost of your cake depends on several factors.  The finish, size of your cake, and the flavours are the three simplest to determine. The design varies from cake to cake, but it is a major contributing factor in working out the price. Models, sugarwork and handpainting for example do take time and so this is accounted for in the cost.



Finish Options

The cheapest finish option is a naked, or semi naked design.  These are cakes which have either no, or little buttercream on the outside of the cake, so the sponge is still visible. They are not suitable for every occasion and design, and may not be suitable for certain times of year as they are more susceptible to heat and damage. They also dry out faster as the sponge is exposed, so you may need to serve the cake earlier than traditionally done so.

Buttercream finished cakes do offer a bit more protection for the sponge, but are still vulnerable to heat and damage. They can be done in most colours and in a selection of textures and patterns. Please note that buttercream can be made very light, almost white, but as butter itself is yellow, all cakes will have a very light yellow tint to the colours.

Fondant, or sugarpaste finished cakes have the most versatile of finishes. These cakes have a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache underneath, which adds extra stability and strength, protection from both heat and drying out, and yumminess! There are few effects you can't achieve on a fondant finish, and it is the finish of choice for a clean smooth look.


What Size do You Need?

To a large degree it depends on how you are serving your cake.  If you are serving the cake as a main desert you'll need larger portions, but if you just wanted a taster for everyone, to be served as part of an evening meal or buffet then you may find that a finger sized portion is enough.  This is usually the case with wedding and large celebrations. The chart below is based on a standard height cake, which from me would be around 5''  If you choose taller or shallower tiers, the numbers below will need to be adjusted to accommodate this. You can use this chart to get an idea of what would be best for your event.


Flavour Options

Crowd pleasers:

Vanilla bean with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and seedless raspberry conserve

Luscious lemon with lemon curd and fresh lemon buttercream

Chocolate fudge with chocolate buttercream.


Other options include:

Red velvet with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate orange

Zesty orange

Chocolate fudge with salted caramel buttercream

White chocolate and raspberry (vanilla sponge with white Belgian chocolate chips and freeze dried raspberry pieces, with white chocolate buttercream and seedless raspberry jam.


More grown-up flavours:

Traditional rich fruit cake (with or without nuts)

Cherry Bakewell (almond sponge with cherry almond buttercream)

Coffee (with or without walnuts)

Gingerbread sponge with Biscoff buttercream


Most flavours can be carved except:

Traditional fruit

Red velvet


Coffee and walnut

...basically anything with chunky stuff in!


The prices here are based on the starting sizes, with a naked or semi naked finish and basic decoration. The smallest size single tier I offer is 6" and the smallest two tier is 6" and 4" cakes. Please note that if you need a bigger cake, or would like a different finish, this cost will go up. as a guide, add £10 per tier for a buttercream finish, and £20 per tier for a ganache and sugarpaste finish.

I do not charge extra for wedding cakes.  All my cakes are made to the highest standards, regardless of the event, and are simply charged based on what is requested, so the same cake can be ordered for a large birthday party, or a wedding, without any difference in the cost.

Sponge & Flavoured Cakes

Single tier sponge cakes start from £65

Small (6" & 4") two tier cakes from £115

Standard size (8" & 6") two tier cakes from £145

Small (8", 6" & 4") three tier cakes from £210

Standard size (10", 8" & 6") three tier cakes from £280

Carved & Novelty Cakes

Prices from £80

Fruit Cakes

My rich fruit cake is made with a mix of dried fruits including dried apricots, glacé cherries, cranberries, juicy sultanas and fresh orange zest, soaked in French brandy and baked slowly to retain all that lovely moisture.  It is then fed with more brandy over several weeks to infuse with flavour, before covering in marzipan, then decorating.  They are a labour of love and worth every penny. Prices start from £75. Please note these cannot be carved into novelty shapes.